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We offer bespoke training packages and programmes designed to deliver on your organisation’s requirements


Via ISO9001, analysis, design, delivery, assurance, and Train the Trainer training, Sword Training Solutions Ltd is the preferred supplier of female empowerment and development activities for numerous specialist organisations across MENA and the UK as well as being a registered supplier to the UK MoD for International Standard Organisation (ISO) training.


Implemented across the Middle East, Africa and the UK, our delivery track record includes successful projects covering analysis, design, delivery and assurance of organisations training programmes, ranging from leisure activities to risk-to-life courses; all of which were underpinned with ISO 9001 processes.


Some specific examples include:

  • Development, delivery and evaluation of Jordanian Government Agency 18-month redesign programme 2021-23

  • Design of UK Governmental Agency - Water Safety Officer course design and implementation in conjunction with the UK RNLI

  • Creation and implementation of UK Government organisation whole service governance of risk-to-life procedures

  • Leadership Training - Palestinian authority

  • Delivery of ISO 9001 awareness training - UK, and the Middle East

  • Creation of a female training facility and female training team for the Palestinian Security Forces,

  • Delivery of training quality assurance and Female Empowerment training to a Middle Eastern strategic asset

  • Design and delivery of a self-sustaining junior leadership training capability for a client in the Middle East.


"The work that Sword Training Solutions has delivered to the customer has been some of the best that the UK has offered. It has had the single most transformative effect of any activity that we have delivered".

Customer, Jordan 2021

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